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Non-Metallic Gasketing

Garlock BLUE-GARD Gasketing Sheet

The BLUE-GARD compressed, non-asbestos (CNA) gasketing line offers a variety of elastomers that provide exceptional sealability and excel in a wide range of services. The unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and elastomeric binders provides improved torque retention and drastically lowered emissions levels.

Interface MIL-DTL-24696C Gasketing Sheet

High performance, Compressed MicroPore material, produced with an exclusive Hydro-Fused production process. This material is made in accordance with Military Specification MIL-G-24696.

Kenneth Industrial is the exclusive distributor for this versatile gaketing sheet.

CMP 4001 Technical Data Sheet

Garlock GYLON Gasketing

GYLON gasketing is a family of severe service PTFE gasketing materials. The innovative GYLON manufacturing process reorients the PTFE and fillers in a way that increases the material’s tensile properties and decreases the creep relaxation problems that usually plague PTFE products. Designed for severe chemical service, GYLON gaskets are color-coded for easy identification and provide superior sealability to reduce process and media loss and fugitive emissions.

Garlock High Temperature Gasketing

G-9900 is a graphite fiber gasketing material that withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, as well as many chemicals. It maintains a superior seal during thermal cycling, even in saturated steam and hot oils.

Style 9900 Spec Sheet

Flexitallic Thermiculite

Thermiculite materials are a breakthrough in both heat and chemical resistance, rated for temperatures up to 1800ºF and passing the API 607 fire test. They provide safer, more cost-effective alternatives to industrial sealing problems where ultra-high heat resistance is critical.

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