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Hydraulic Seals

Garlock CHEVRON Packing

CHEVRON is a V-ring packing with a unique multiple lip design that automatically responds to changes in system pressure. It is an exceptionally reliable seal for rods, rams, pistons, and plungers. Also, it is available in a Deep V-Ring design for large diameter, deep stuffing box applications.

Style 260-RH Technical Data Sheet   Style 433 Technical Data Sheet  

Style 7857-RH Technical Data Sheet

Garlock SLUDGE-PAK Packing for Vertical Pumps

These unique, combination sets from Garlock for use in Carter, Marlow, Komline Sanderson, and Passavant vertical sludge pumps have gained wide acceptance in the waste treatment industry.

Garlock SLUDGE-PAK packing is the best of three worlds … braided packing, CHEVRON rings, and urethane U-seals. The performance is unbeatable and necessary in today’s waste treatment industry.

Polytop Sets

These unique set configurations have found widespread popularity due to their high sealing efficiency. A Garlock Polytop CHEVRON set utilizes both squeeze and multiple lip type seals. Used in a set configuration, these two proven designs combine to provide maximum sealing performance. Unlike typical v-sets, Garlock Polytop sets need no axial preload or adjustment after startup, virtually eliminating the fear of catastrophic failure.

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