About Kenneth Industrial

Since 1987, Kenneth has been distributing superior quality fluid sealing products for commercial and industrial applications, working with such industries as chemical processing, power generation, jet propulsion, shipbuilding, and environmental conservation. Customers have come to rely on Kenneth for its unparalleled personal service, attention to detail, and technical and logistical expertise.

Carrying a comprehensive inventory of products from the most respected sealing manufacturers, Kenneth can quickly fulfill orders to meet your unique demands. Additionally, with its state-of-the-art production facility, Kenneth can provide custom-fabricated pieces to resolve even the most complex sealing challenges.

Kenneth’s office and production facility is located just off Main Street (Rt. 17) in Durham, Conn.

Kenneth Industrial Products, Inc.

35 Winsome Drive 

PO Box 430

Durham, CT 06422 USA

Phone: 860-349-7454

Toll Free: 800-322-3306

Fax: 860-349-7977

Kenneth Industrial Products, Inc.
35 Winsome Drive    P.O. Box 430
Durham, CT 06422 USA
0.322.3306        860.349.7454
Fax: 860.349.7977

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