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Compression Packing for Valves

Garlock QuickSet 9001 

QuickSet 9001 is a five-ring set of die-formed cup and cone graphite rings and high-density end rings that ensures a tight seal. It Meets global emissions standards and it has the lowest stem friction ever for graphite packing sets which means longer equipment life. The set is preassembled and ready to install. There is no measuring, no cutting, and no waste. It is available in a wall-mounted rack or floor display for easy access and better inventory management.

QuickSet 9001 Spec Sheet

Garlock Style 1303-FEP 

Style 1303-FEP is in compliance with the most stringent VOC and VHAP emissions regulations. It is thermally conductive; resists heat, pressure and chemicals. It is fire safe, dimensionally stable, impervious to gases and fluids. This non-scoring, self-lubricating, non-hardening packing is ideal for the hydrocarbon, chemical processing and power generation industries.

Style 1303-FEP Spec Sheet

Garlock Style 1298 Valve Packing

Style 1298 combines two proven Garlock yarns to provide premium service in high temperature and pressure valve stem services. Style 1298 is designed for major industries such as refineries, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation in particular.This proprietary product employs a PBI yarn encapsulating Inconel alloy wire braided over a LATTICE BRAID carbon yarn core. Numerous advantages such as excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability at high temperatures, and excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents make Style 1298 the choice for severe valve stem applications. Available in die-formed rings upon request.

Style 1298 Spec Sheet

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