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Static Oil Seals 

Garlock Model 26 Klozure Oil Seal

The model 26 oil seal is a general purpose, non-metallic seal that is a molded one-piece construction.

Garlock Model 63 Klozure Oil Seal

The model 63 oil seal is ideal when metal is preferred to a rubber OD. It has a stainless steel finger type spring that will not pop out during installation or while in operation.

Garlock Mill-Right N, ES, and V Oil Seals

Mill-Right seals have breakthrough anti-abrasion and anti-wear properties for extended service life. Improved chemical resistance through the entire range of elastomers are available in all elastomeric KLOZURE Oil Seal designs.

JM Clipper Oil Seals

JM Clipper seals tolerate rough bore finishes while accommodating a wide range of bore tolerances. They have a flexible outer diameter that acts as a gasket virtually eliminating the possibility of leakage through the seal itself. They are easy to remove and install with no special tools or skills. Available in over 5,000 pre-split sizes for instant installation without equipment disassembly.

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