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Compression Packing for Pumps

Garlock 8091 HYDRA-JUST Rotary Seal

The 8091 HYDRA-JUST Rotary seal is a revolutionary concept to replace mechanical seals in industrial pumping applications. This new technology provides leak free, no dilution, “outage-to-outage” service in slurry applications. The unique HYDRA-JUST design allows it to survive system upsets just as the seal’s chemical and abrasion resistant components allow it to excel in your toughest applications. Additionally the excellent heat dissipation properties enable the seal to be maintained with as little as 2 US Gallons per hour.

Style 8091 HYDRA-JUST Spec Sheet

Garlock Style 8093 DSA

The 8093 DSA patented cup & cone rings expand radially to form a positive seal against both shaft and box bore. It requires less axial force to effect a seal and withstands a wide range of chemicals. 8093 DSA reduces equipment wear and maintenance time. The flexible graphite rings conduct heat away from the shaft, so equipment runs cooler and longer.

Style 8093 Spec Sheet

Garlock Style 1333-G Packing

This offset square design makes installation easy and ensures a tight seal in worn or oversize stuffing boxes. The all-graphite, PTFE-free construction maximizes reliability and stability in high temperatures. It also provides excellent chemical resistance and dissipates heat quickly, so equipment runs cooler and requires less flush water. The graphite filament reinforcement resists extrusion in high pressure applications.

Style 1333-G Spec Sheet

Garlock Style G-200 Packing

A High performance packing that withstands elevated temperatures and aggressive chemicals. It has a low coefficient of friction that reduces shaft wear. Low chloride certification is available.

Style G-200 Spec Sheet

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